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    Unanswered: Need Help doing 2 small things.

    Hi I got assignment due, I've doe everything but I cant see to do this:

    1. Alter the database so that the serial number can be recorded at the time of sale.
    2. In order to improve the integrity of the data as it enters the database, you should implement the following business rule:

    When a serial number is recorded in a sale, the quantity purchased must be one. In other words — the serial number must be blank or the quantity must be 1

    This might seem easy but Im so stuck, been stuck for 2 hours already . The Data type of SerialNoRequired is Yes/No which cannot be changed in the assignment. Here is the ERD for this assignment:
    ERD by wuchildnz, on Flickr

    just so you know what needs the serial number its in the commodity table

    TypeID TypeDescription SerialNoRequired
    D Dietary Suppliment No
    E Gym Equipment Yes
    P Product No
    S Service No
    W Wearable Item No
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    Personally I'd use the before update event of the form:

    Before update

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