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    Smile Unanswered: Subform showing only one record with dynamic query string

    I am new to the Access Subfroms.

    I have a problem showing the records in an unbound subform.

    I have an unbound subform named frmSubStock in frmMainStock. There is no master/child relation at all.

    There is just one button, RUN.

    When I click run, the query result should be displaying in the subform.

    The code i am using:

    Dim strqname,SQL As String

    SQL = "Select * from stock"

    db.CreateQueryDef "qryTemp", SQL

    strqname = "qryTemp"

    Me.frmSubStock.SourceObject = "Query." & strqname
    That's all. Whenever I hit RUN button, only just one last record is showing in the query. When i tried with this command, all records are returned in the new query window:

    DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryTemp"

    Thank you so much in advanced.

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    The purpose of a subform is to have a master/child relationship.How do you expect to save any records this way?

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    Hi Burrina, thanks for your reply.

    I don't intend to save any records.


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