I have a problem for which I haven't a clue where to start searching.
I build an Access Database with a lot of tables, queries, forms and reports.
85% of all functionality is covered by VBA code.
The problem:
I have a form with student information (basicly a query with an Id which links to a student tabel). The showed selection is formed by a where condition when opening the form.
The form has a tabbed subform where each subform (there are 5) is properly linked to the dataset of the main form.
All tabbed subforms extract and write their data straight from and into the corresponding tables.
Here's the thing. In a NON SPLIT version everything works swell. After splitting the database (where the backend is put into a share) the tabbed subforms stop functioning properly. The second form displays 8 of the 15 fields properly and editable, bit the fields 9-15 stay empty. When I try running a feeding query I have the error message 'can't open more databases'. Somehow I get the idea that the split version is overflowing or has a kind of a flow limitation. When I put the non-split version on the share it works perfect (only slow, which was my main reason to split).
What am I missing?
I hope my question makes any sense.

Regards, Flip