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    Red face Unanswered: Migrate from Access 2007 to 2013

    I created an in-house Access front-end many years ago to manage our order book which has been working faultlessly ever since. It has a remote MySQL back-end where the tables are import-linked back to the front-end. Again no working issues whatsoever.

    Now we are moving from XP to Win7 machines and Access 2013 (Office 365)
    In my Access front-end, one part has a simple form / sub-form set-up.

    On Win XP We enter new records into the sub-form without a hitch, in Access 2013 all I get is the 'Write Conflict' error when trying to add a record ??
    Also, in Access 2013, the button I have to delete one of the records just does nothing and cancels the event. I even tried using the button wizard in 2013 to create a new delete record button and yet still, I just get a message, event cancelled.

    In other areas in my app where we enter / edit / delete records it works fine in 2013, just in one particular form / sub-form set up.

    Works in Access 2007 on xp, not in 2013 on win 7
    We really need to migrate over to the new pcs, but unless I can get this one area fixed I can't and it's really holding us back.
    I cannot see any obvious reason why it would throw up these probems.
    Hope you can help

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    That's why it is prudent to do your research and read the FYI's and Bug Reports, etc... No one here knows your setup and the question is too complex really to address as asked.Most developers stay with 2010 FYI. If your willing to upload a sample or screenshots of a particular form and or code, maybe we can help.

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    Thanks Burrino,

    Access 2013 uses the same DB structure as 2007 so there should be no reason why it would not work. Everything else works fine, similar other areas with subforms for editing, entry, delete etc, no worries, just this one particular set-up.

    I just re-created the forms in Access 2013, both Master & Child forms and still the same issues. Delete button gives 'The DoCommand event was cancelled' ..... why ?? and any data entry / editing gives a write conflict ... aggghhhhh

    I will get to the bottom of this if it kills me :-)

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