Devart software development company announces proudly the new versions of dotConnect for Oracle, dotConnect for MySQL, and dotConnect for PostgreSQL - enhanced ADO.NET data providers that support Entity Framework and LinqConnect ORM solutions.

The latest release of dotConnect ADO.NET data providers offers developers native Source and Destination components for Data Flows in SQL Server Integration Services projects (SSIS).

Source Components

Source components of Devart dotConnect data providers are data flow components that query data from the corresponding database and make it available for other Data Flow components. They provide powerful editor dialog boxes, allowing users to tweak the components visually.
These editors display an object tree with available tables to select data from and SQL Server Integration Services system variables allowing users to quickly use their names in the queries.

Destination Components

Devart Destination components use database-specific features to load data quickly, thus providing significantly higher performance for data loading than the standard ADO.NET Destination component.

New versions of dotConnect data providers are now available to download for a free 30-days trial period:

dotConnect for Oracle 7.9 [ Download ] [ New Features ]

dotConnect for MySQL 7.8 [ Download ] [ New Features ]

dotConnect for PostgreSQL 6.8 [ Download ] [ New Features ]

Any user can provide feedback on the new versions in Devart forums or with contact form. There is also a feedback form in the support zone of every product. Devart team is always glad to hear customers' comments and take into account their development needs.

For additional information about Devart, visit Devart: Database Management Software, Data Access Components, Developer Tools.