Hi all,
I hope someone can help.
I am trying to create a report that I can use as an interactive task list for students on a whiteboard in the hospital school where I work. I have made a few basic databases, but I am well aware that there are some huge gaps in my knowledge.

I decided it would be best to use the 'tasks' database already present and change it to suit our needs, as it was pretty much perfect for the task already.

The main problem is that the report I am using (basically the 'tasks by assigned to' report) lists the tasks below the name as below:

Read book
clean tray
maths assessment

Make model
Tidy garden
Plant bulbs


Due to space restrictions and the need to fit all one whiteboard screen, it really needs to look more like this (which is also how it looks on the curent 'non digital' whiteboard):

Read book______clean tray_____maths assessment

Make model_____Tidy garden____Plant bulbs


I have investigated a few methods which I thought might work, such as a cross tab query, but I couldn't seem to get the result I was looking for (but that may be down to my lack of knowledge).

I also 'harvested' a report from another database which is formatted the way I want it to look and had some success, but it seems to work through VBA code which is beyond me.

Here is a link to the database: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lov7q374td...%20Tasks.accdb

'Tasks by Assigned to' is the report I am working on

rpt_addressescode and rpt_addressessub is the closest I have got to the formatting I need (using another databases code), but it is too technical for me and I lack the expertise to fully link it with what I need (not being able to change all of the report names it draws from etc).

Any suggestions/clues on how I might get to the desired result would be most welcome.

Anyway, I hope someone can help, I hope it makes sense and please feel free to ask any questions. It is taking up far too much time!