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    I have a access query with vehicle records and some calculations with respect to the vehicle running kilometers.

    I want to create a new query with last record for each vehicle and filter out the rest. The final outcome I want is only last record entry for each vehicle.

    Can you please help me here ?

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    We are not mind readers! Can you provide the table name, qry name and field names at least?

    Under your ID (Primary Key) choose Descending, in the top values box on the toolbar, type 1.
    This will give you alphabetically the last record in your table.


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    The query name is [Master & Service details].
    Name of fields: [Licence Plate number] and [Closing KMS].

    There are multiple (daily) records for each licence plate number with its closing KMS.
    In the new query, I want unique record for licence plate number and its last closing KMS.

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    In your query Group on L Plate Number and Max on Closing KMS

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