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Thread: Is this 3NF?

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    Is this 3NF?


    I have a homework problem and I'm not sure if I am over thinking or under-thinking this. The problem is...

    1. Examine the set of relations in Figure 4-37. What normal form are these in? How do you know this? If they are in 3NF, convert the relations into an EER diagram. What assumptions did you make to answer these questions?
    imgur: the simple image sharer is Figure 4-37

    Answer: Figure is a 3NF because redundancies and transitive dependencies have been removed.
    imgur: the simple image sharer is my EER Diagram

    Is this what I am being asked for? Should I treat figure 4-37 is a whole or look at each line and comment were or not it is a 1nf, 2nf, or 3nf?

    Thank You!


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    if you are unsure of what is expected of you go back to the person who set this course work and ask for clarification. either they have asked something beyond what they taught, or they haven't taught the subject very well. in either case they need to know.

    failing that approach your peers doing the same course

    or you could of course read up on the subject
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    It's an online class, so its pretty much self taught. The "professor" doesn't reply until after things are due. I will try people in the class, maybe someone has a better understanding.

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    would have wanted to help but I got confused too

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