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    Unanswered: Help Creating a History Table and Form query search

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm very new to Access, I only started this Monday.

    I have created an item weight database for several Items, I need to keep a history of changes for every item.

    The approach I took was to create 2 table and add a relationship between them.
    Then I made a form where you can edit each item. Now the problems Start

    I've been trying to figure out how to set up the form so when I change values it will add the previous values to the history table, I also wanted to lock the form in a way that it would only changes the values in the main table by pressing a save changes bottom.

    I attached the file I was working on in access 2010. can anyone please help me out?
    I have been puling hairs with this for days.
    thanks so much
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    why create history table in the first place?

    if you are concerned over space then consider in the fullness of time creating a history table by archiving off values or ask if there is a need to keep every single sample going back to when. there may well be legal or commercial or other rules which demand such a history

    you can stop editing if the displayed record is NOT the most recent for that item. By placing some code in the forms on current event that that finds the most recent record, using say dlookup, and compares that record to the current record if its the same date/time then allow edits, otherwise block edits

    thsi way round there is no shuffling records backwards and forwards, no dodgy tricks to compare the current with previous records.
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    I figured out how to stop the edits, I just said yes to wait until post process and created a bottom to save changes.

    I'm now trying to figure out a Close form and cancel changes bottom, I think I'm almost there.

    The history table is necessary unfortunately. I was thinking of doing a append query but I don't know if it will work.

    In the forum I found someone attached a access file with this already made. I'm trying to reverse engineer what he did. but not going great so far!

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