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    Unanswered: Error building 'sysmaster' database

    Hello everyone,

    I am a new user with informix. I am trying to configure and initialize informix server. But I have the error with "oninit -ivy" command. The message in online logs as the following:

    17:31:16 Error building 'sysmaster' database.
    17:31:16 See '/tmp/buildsmi.26451'.

    The attachment is my onconfig and sqlhosts files. Please anyone help me to solve this issue.
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    according to you error message, I'd rather look at the /tmp/buildsmi.26451 file, or at the /usr/informix1/instances/lvhoan/logs/online.log file around 17:36:31

    THis situation sometimes happens at init time. the reason must be in the indicated files baove.

    at this stage, check whether ifnormix is online ( run
     onstat -
    ) and check whether is says "On-line"

    if not check whether there are no zombie shmem segments (run
    ipcs -m
    )and check whether there is no segment with address starting with 0x52

    If clear, rerun
    oninit -v
    might be sufficient to restart, unless there is a blocking problem in the online.log file

    If restarted correctly, do the following:
    cd $INFORMIXDIR/etc
    dbaccess < sysmaster.sql
    and wait until the end.
    THis may be enough to create your sysmaster db.
    If you persist having errors, please post the files indicated above


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