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    Unanswered: Update Form with query from several combobox


    I created a form with the style Multiple Items.
    This form gets its data from a query.

    On the form header I created a couple of comboboxes to filter the query.
    I also added some bottoms to open popup forms to add items to the list and therefore the query.

    Everything is working, when I select on the combo boxes some values the query filters as expected.
    When I add a new items with the popup form it adds the item to the list and to the query.

    My problem is it doesn't update the query in the main form when I change the combobox or add items. I have to manually open the query to see the results of the comboboxes.
    Is there a bottom I can create to update the query, or for each combobox set an event to update the form to match the new query results?

    Hope someone can help me out
    Thanks so much
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