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    Unanswered: Access Project Direction


    Have only been using access a few months and I was just handed a task and I'm not sure what direction to move in to get this done.

    I have been asked to develop a project management database for our engineering department with Access. A few months ago I made something similar and much simpler for our accounting dept to manage Credit Requests for customers wanting to establish terms. The Design project is more complex but not so much.

    The whole idea behind this is a sales person fills out a form answering a series of questions for a design project request. The engineer in turn get this project added to a list of rolling projects for review. The engineer can make changes to status etc and the list would become public on the web somewhere so Sales can see the status of their requests. However, they want it a bit more intricate so once you submit to this database the sales person can login and see their submissions only and have the ability to edit some data such as “priority”. So they could delegate priority amongst their submission.

    What would be the best way to proceed to complete a project like this? I know I can make the tables and form in Access but about making the other stuff view able they way they way it is more of a challenge to me.

    Any suggestion or direction would be appreciated.

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    its dooable
    its going to need good design, its going to need a good design specificaztion drawing up before starting work.
    In my books one of the major drawbacks of tools like Access is its too easy to start designing tables, then forms & reports and then get part way in and realise that the design isn't good enough. design the system properly, amke certain you and the customer know what the deliverables are.
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