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    Unanswered: filtering by day of week

    Hello Everyone

    I am working on a database based on day of week.
    ill try to explain it.. My father in law recently open up a small community Senior transportation company, and he is needing someway to keep tract of passengers.. I've created a small database. i have 2 tables PassengerID, and DriverID. well in my passengers table i have "name , address, phone, ect.
    All passengers are successfully entered into the database. Here's my problem. some of my passengers ride to work and have different schedules.
    example:" wanda rides on mon, tues, and Thursdays. and sara on tues, fri sat and sundays. i want to create some kind of query that automatic generate those days by current date. for instance today is Friday 9-13-13 sara information shows up, and no one else, because she is the only one that goes to work on Friday. if today was Tuesday sara and wanda will show up.and todays date will be current. i hope i explained it ok.

    thanks a lot

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    Not enough information.Table field names (Table Names) in what tables.Form structure, mainform/subform ??? Your tables should instead be named tblPassenger and tblDriver.

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