Using Access 2010. Fairly new to automation and macros.

I have two tables (tblProductReceived and tblBins) and a form (frmProductReceived).

A field in tblBins corresponds to a location the bin is at (named BinLocationID) and the tblProductReceived table tracks product that a specific bin has received.

What I need is for the tblProductReceived field PRLocationID ([tblProductReceived].[PRLocationID]) to be automatically populated with where the bin is at ([tblBins].[BinLocationID]) when selecting a specific bin in the form (frmProductReceived).

Is there an easy way I can do this? I'm really new at macros/vba and I would extremely be grateful for some tips/suggestions!

Also, there is no object in the form for the PRLocationID field. I want it to be updated behind the scenes based on the bin number field the user selects ([tbl.Bins].[BinID])

Thank you kindly,