DB: UniVerse 10.3
OS: Windows 7

I'm try to run the gci_hello.c example in gcidir.
The error I'm getting is:

This is a test of a new GCI function:
Program "*UV*GCI1": Line 29, "*hello" is not in the CATALOG space.
[ENOENT] No such file or directory
Program "*UV*GCI1": Line 29, Incorrect VOC entry for *hello.
Program "*UV*GCI1": Line 29, Unable to load subroutine.

I've done the following:
Compiled the gci_hello.c lib
Created the GCI Definition File (option 1 in GCI.ADMIN)
Added the GCI subroutine (option 2 in GCI.ADMIN)
Compiled and linked hello.o to produce hello.dll with no errors (option 5 in GCI.ADMIN)
Installed the DLL (option 5 in GCI.ADMIN)

I've logged off and back on again with an admin account.
Compiled and ran UV/BP/GCI1, and received the above error.

The GCI subroutine does not want to catalog to global space. What have I done wrong here ?