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    Unanswered: Multiple Edits by Multiple Users at Same Time

    Hello, I've created a simple access database that links to a list on a sharepoint that contains all of our data. Essentially, it is an inventory of everything we have.
    - We have 5 different sites. All of their items are in the sharepoint list as well.
    - Data is constantly being added, deleted, and changed by people at all 5 sites.

    The problem I've run into is, if 2 users have the database open at the same time, accessing the sharepoint list, changing things, etc. This happened the other day where I was in there, changing things around. When i went to save the list after my updates it told me that another user had made changes. I could press Ok to commit my changes and discard their changes or i could push Cancel to discard my changes and keep their changes. Is there any way to avoid this?

    Thank you!

    Edit: I guess I should let it be known that I'm a total access/database noobie. I said I "created" the database earlier but I've learned not to re-invent the wheel (I simply changed what I could find/what was already being used into what I wanted it to be).

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    you need to consider how your db works in such an environment
    personally I've yet to come across the joys of a sharepoint list
    however you have several options
    one is to lock the record being edited (again I don't know how sharepoint lists work) but check out iof you can use locks, ideally you want a row lock or possibly a page lock, but definitely NOT a table lock

    the alternative is to trap the error, then take appropriate action
    a conventional access form knows the old value and the post edited value, so you coudl re read the updated row, compare the differences between the newly re read row with the old values, then apply any changes
    bear in mind the problem is that you have to integrate the other chanegs with your changes
    that means
    compare what you have changed with the original data
    compare what the other used changed with the original data
    then apply the pother users changes, then apply your changes.
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