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    Unanswered: Executing Runstats SQL2314W Some Statistics Are in an Inconsistent State

    When executing Runstats I sometimes receive this message:

    SQL2314W Some statistics are in an inconsistent state. The newly collected
    "TABLE" statistics are inconsistent with the existing "INDEX" statistics.

    Can I know from system tables/views which tables issue this message? My idea is to do Runstats first for that tables when less users are working on them.

    DB2 9.7 LUW
    Windows Server 2008

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    maybe large tables - so there is a delay between data stats and index stats and might be there is a slight difference ..because in the mean time rows have been added/deleted...
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    First, this is just a warning. It just means that you table stats and index stats are out of sync. This is usually caused by just doing runstats on just the indexes or just the table. You can figure out which tables are possibly out of sysnc by comparing syscat.tables.stats_time and syscat.indexes.stats_time.

    The best solution is just to do runstats on the table and indexes at the same time with one runstats command.


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    I am using this command:
    db2 "runstats on table table_name with distribution and detailed indexes all allow write access"

    Do I need to change something so that I can execute Runstats on tables and indexes simultaneously?

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