My company has a large portion of their data (about 60%) in a Sybase database and the rest of the data resides in a SQL Server database (about 40%). In order to report on all of the data (total company numbers), we use Microsoft Access to tie the two databases together. The final step is that we use a reporting software much like Access that we use to build/display our reports (query design and sql set up much like access, but it does not have the capability to report on two databases, as expected). I am not a database expert. I just handle reporting. My opinion is that reporting on two databases through Access is a terrible plan. Am I correct in saying that Sybase uses one SQL form of the language, SQL Server uses another form of the language and Access uses a third. When we try to tie them through Access and then send the data through a reporting software, there are tons of issues. Am I correct in this and what is a solution? Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.