New here so apologies if I don't include everything I should.

I'm trying to write a formula that will add everything in column G if criteria in columns A, B C and D are met and is within a set date range and time range Example I want to add between 10pm 01/01/1990 and 7am 02/01/1990).

Columns C and D include the date and time, broken down into hours. e.g.

01/09/2013 20:00	01/09/2013 20:59
01/09/2013 21:00	01/09/2013 21:59
01/09/2013 22:00	01/09/2013 22:59
01/09/2013 23:00	01/09/2013 23:59
The formula I have so far is:

=SUMIFS(G,A,"Name",StartDate,">$D4", EndDate,"<$E4")

Wherein D4 is 01/09/2013 20:00 and E4 is 02/09/2013 8:59. "startDate" and "endDate" are columns C and D.