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    Cool Google / Amazon Books Database (18.4 Million ISBN Numbers)

    Ever want to get the books database that powers Google Books or Amazon?

    Ever want to build a books application, be it an app or a website?

    Now you've got something to kick start your project and get ahead of your competitors because this world has yet to be seeing such a huge books database.

    ISBN Database of 18.4 Million Books

    This is currently the largest Books / ISBN database ever created and available for download on the Internet. With 18.4 million unique ISBN numbers, it's growing by thousands every day (though you wouldn't be able to download the updates until we release one). It's got rich data fields for each of the books, and the best part, is that it's got the cover images as well.

    I highly doubt you can find a better one than this.

    They are NOT the actual databases used by Google or Amazon but it's the closest thing you can get right now. And we are updating it as we speak, every day.

    We are selling this database and the license to use in your own project for $689.95, with a lifetime update policy (subject to change), which means you can acquire ALL future updates free of charge after the one-time payment.

    If you are interested, you may want to look through the details such as database structure and data fields here.

    To make order, please just add it to cart and check out via PayPal. We will get the download URL and credentials sent right to your email as soon as we have reviewed your order.

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    This database has just got a major upgrade from 1 million book cover images to 4.3 million. Check out this page for details. The cover images are 4 - 5 times better in quality. The previous package is just 5GB in size but the new package is 100GB.

    There are also over 3,000 author pictures added that are associated to the author table in the database. Check out the samples.

    As per our lifetime update policy, all previous customers who bought this database will enjoy this upgrade free. Download details have been sent to your email.

    Thank you!
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