Hi - I couldn't think of a very descriptive title to explain what my issue is, so I'll explain the best I can here...

I'm in the construction industry and we have a 'manpower report' - which shows which job field employees were assigned to the prior week. I pull the data out of the payroll system as that is where their time is charged against the job.

Some of our laborers and lower skill employees jump from job to job during the week as assistance is required elsewhere. This leads to their time being charged against multiple jobs.

For example:

Adam worked on job #123 - Paradise Plaza M,T,W for 30 hrs
Adam worked on job #456 - Gate Store Th, F for 10 hrs

The report is grouped by job number then employee class. On the report it would show as follows:

Job #123 - Paradise Plaza
Adam - Laborer

Job #456 - Gate Store
Adam - Laborer

So - here is my request....I want to show the employee ONLY on the job where they spent the MOST hours. So in this case, Job #123 - Paradise Plaza.

I have access to the hours by job in the data source. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? Thanks in advance