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    Unanswered: Tablespace state is offline and not accessable

    Hi Good Evening to all, this is Narasimha, In my production server my tablespace(dms) state is offline and not accessable (0*4000) .
    currently running version of db2 is 9.7 and fp6
    linux evnironment
    Hard disk =1000 gb
    Ram =4 gb
    How to solve the above problem please provide me solution with example.

    Thanks and Regards
    Narasimha A

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    may be this command will work but you are saying in prod so please be carefull db2 alter tbsp <tbspname> switch online

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    Either an individual or somewhere in one of your scripts/application a quiesce tablespace for table ..... exclusive was issued. You need to make sure that process is issuing a quiesce tablespace for table .... reset is being issued to return the tablespace back to normal mode.

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