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    Unanswered: Value of last record still appear on combobox afterupdate

    Hi, all!

    I'm using MS Access 2010.

    I have a form for adding part.
    1. Same prefix Part ID for same category of parts (eg. C for all types of chair).
    2. Able to add multiple of Part ID in one short (eg. if my first ID is C0005, if input quantity 5, C0005 to C0009 will be saved into database).

    But I have a problem, after the new record has been saved, the value of last record still appear on a combobox (Part Type). I want the Part Type combobox to be cleared in the new record. But I can't spot the problem.

    Thanks a lot if anyone can tell me what went wrong with my vba or setting in the properties of the combobox (Part Type). I have attached the file for your reference.

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    Then set the Combobox Value to Null in a New Record:
    Private Sub Form_Current()
     If Me.NewRecord Then Me.cboPartType = Null
    End Sub

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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