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    Unanswered: The same record selected in each list box within the form with tabs

    I have a form with 3 tab controls. Within each tab, there is a bound list box that lists records based on a combo box selection. All list boxes are bound to the same table and records in each tab will be in the same order.
    Tab1, listbox1:Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4
    Tab2, listbox2, Field1,Field2, Field5, Field6
    Tab3, listbox3:Field1, Field2, Field7, Field8,Field9
    I would like the same record be selected in each list box within the tabs, e.g. when record #2 is selected on tab1, the same record will be selected on tab2 and tab3, or if I click on tab 2 again and change the selection to record #3, record #3 will be selected on tab1 and tab2.
    Any suggestions? I've tried various searches with no luck.
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    Hope this helps!

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