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    Unanswered: need help linking SQL server and oracle databases

    I have a some SQL and Oracle databases that I need to be able to join and query across. I need a tool that will facilitate this easily and preferably free. For example database 1 has multiple sql 2008 tables but I want Cust_info table and the field meter and then in the oracle database I need the meteraccts table and the meternumber field...which are the joiner fields. I am having trouble find something that will do this easily...I have down loaded..dbvisualizer, anysqlmaestro, oracle developer..etc These will let me see the different databases but not query both...or at least I can't see how. Any help with a tool or with a sql syntax would be appreciated. I have tried to link the databases and join them but I'm missing something. Thanks

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    Have a look at Maaher's walkthrough on OraFAQ forum; although it ends up with Forms (step 8) (which you don't need), everything else *should* help (at least, I hope so).

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