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    Unanswered: fetching multilanguage data by stored procedure

    Can we fetch the the data of chinese or some other language using stored procedure in db2??? please help me out

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    why would this be language dependent ? as long as all is configured correctly..
    what is the real problem ? db2level /platform ?
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    I just want to write a store procedure which will retunr the chinese data from the database is made in UTF-8 code set,so can you please suggest me the syntax for the stored procedure and where should i declare the unicode thing to fetch the multi language data.????

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    Study the documentation.
    No special syntax is necessary.
    You need to understand the concept of an "application code page".
    When the client application (which performs the 'connect') has the same code page as the database, then no character set conversion happens to result-sets returned from stored procedures or queries.
    So *if* the application is designed and coded properly for variable-length encodings (like utf-8) then you will have no issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiara jeckson View Post
    Can we fetch the the data of chinese or some other language using stored procedure in db2??? please help me out
    It would help a lot if you could let use know what version (and fixpack) of DB2 you are using to run the stored procedure. There are several different products called DB2, and they behave differently under certain circumstances.

    In general, if your database is using UTF-8, then as long as all of the code that handles the character data between the database and the display is "UTF aware", then that character data ought to arrive intact. If you can post the code that is failing, then we might see something that would let us help you.

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