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    Unanswered: Db2 visualizer doesn't show schema list any more


    maybe this forum isn't good place for questions regarding db2 visualizer.

    Usually db2 visualizer show a list of schemas existed in the database and then tables, views and other objects under each schema. But now visualizer doesn't show schemas for two databases any more, only tables, views and so on.
    I checked that it doesn't show schemas if user id doesn't have dataaccess authority on a database but in this case my user id has such auth and I didn't changed any privileges for this user but something changed.

    Do you have any ideas?

    We use db2 9.7 with fix pack 5 on zLinux server. And I'm using instance owner id.

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    Do you mean the java application called DBVis ?
    If databases have been upgraded recently (e.g. after a fixpack to db2) you might need to rebind the db2schema.bnd.
    Otherwise if that fails enable the dbvis debugger and watch for the error messages that appear in the debug window to get a clue about what's happening (you can also enable jdbc tracing via dbvis)
    Also you can try on the support forum dedicated to dbvis at

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    thank you! it helps to rebind the db2schema.bnd

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