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    Unanswered: LOCKLIST is set to automatic


    something strange with LOCKLIST parameter for my database.
    Initially it was set to 16384 then I changed it to 32768. But when I checked the db cfg it was set to automatic. I changed it to 32768 again and now it is automatic again.
    Why it is changed to automatic? Is there any dependences from another parameters?

    We using db2 9.7 with fix pack 5.

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    Check db2diag.log. It's possible STMM changed it back to automatic. Try the following:
    db2 connect to <db name>
    db2 update db cfg for <db name> using locklist 32768

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    Check MAXLOCKS as well, they both (LOCKLIST and MAXLOCKS) have to be set to a set value, or both have to be AUTOMATIC.

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