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    Post Unanswered: v10 Migration from v9.5.6a

    Hi All,

    I have two questions basically in db migration.

    Environment: AIX

    1Q. I recently upgraded the DB into v10.1, followed these steps below.

    - Created a new instance and installed v10 DB server.
    - Restored database from v9.5 server.
    - Upgraded the database in v10 instance.

    Now application able to connect the DB. Is the steps are correct for migration ?

    2Q. The current DPROP is running fine in v9.5 DB instances.

    - Now I want to setup DPROP (SQL replication) in v10 DB same like v9.5 DB.

    Steps completed:

    1. Backup up v9.5 DB and restore in v10 DB.
    2. Open firewall for DB port between source and destinations servers.
    3. Copy capture and apply scripts and edit the scripts according to the v10 instance.

    Now I am confused on migrating the CD tables from v9.5.6a to v10.1 !!!!
    I see lot of tables/columns are got changed in 9.7 and v10....

    Please suggest what are the remaining steps I need to complete before I start Capture and Apply scripts ??

    How can I migrate the Capture and Apply both upgraded from v9.5.6a to v10.1 ??

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