I'm a novice at Access, I have Access 2003 and would appreciate some help to the following problem. I have a main table named "Workload" where all projects details are recorded, each project having their own sequential job number. I have created another table to allocate human and mechanical resources to each job, "Resource Allocation". I then created a main form based on "Workload" which when you select a job number from a combo box it auto fills "Street", "Suburb" and "Works Manager allocated" fields, it basically acts only as a reference lookup to the "workload " table. I have then added a subform which allows you to allocate resources. Both forms have the common field of "Job No'. In the main form it is a combo box and in the subform I have it as a text box. I would like to know is there a way of auto filling the text box with that "Job No" selected in the combo box and having the text box value returned to the "Resource Allocation" table?

I would then like to be able to pull a query with selected dates as a basis for a report with a set template preferably looking like a datasheet that has each work crew (of which there are 7) at the top and then under each heading a list of team members and the resources they would require. It needs to be a simple operation due to staff not having Access experience (they currently can mange a query of this type unaided, but not reports).

If so would it be possible for someone to give me some idiot instructions I can follow, I am self taught and I'm learning as I go along. Thanks in advance.