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    New member here


    My Background experience:
    • I've created Simple Databases in MS Access in the past. VERY SIMPLE.
    • Once I spent about a year working with and exisiting SQL database using Javascript. (It was on the webOS platform). I got comfortable with the design, table relationships and doing puts and query's
    • I'm very profiecent with MS Excel. More on that to come.
    • I've programmed in MS Basic, Pascal, webOS and MS Visual Basic.

    Why am I here? Im a restaurant operator in Oklahoma. I have a rather large MS Excell spreadsheet that basically does the job of a database, but quite cumbersomly. Only I can work on it without risk of someone else messing things up. The spreadsheet is used to calculate our food cost for the various menu items in the restaurant. I'd like to convert this to MS Access for ease of use as our company grows.

    My Goals.
    1. Create a new Database in MS Access that can calculate food costs.
    2. Allow for the import of data from distributors to speed updating costs on a regular basis.
    3. Desing the database in such a way that I can add allergen and nutritional analysis info to my ingredients, thefore being able to output an allergens list and nutritional values for my menu items.

    Major Obstacles:
    • I have some recipes that we use which are reused as an ingredient in other recipes. I'm lost on how to do this.
    • I've never done math with a database before. I know I need a table with a list of measurements and conversions. This is probably fairly simple, I just haven't done it before.

    So, that's me. I'll try to do as much research and learning as I can, but I will probably need to do some asking first to learn the proper terminology for what I'm trying to do so I know how to search for it.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    Dont have as much knowledge as you have but ya i'm also new here and looking forward to gain some from you and many people like you here. Hope to have good learning here!!

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