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    Unanswered: Calculated field in Query access 2003

    Hi I have a query that has the following fields


    A calculated field Inventory:


    The problem is the Audit field can be either a positive or a negative
    number when its a neg the total does not work out

    Thanks Bob

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    what does the audit actually represent?
    what I prefer to do is to have a transactions table and a transaction type table
    the transaction type table identifies a code a descrption and its effect on stock
    code Effect Description
    WST   -1   Waste
    SLS   -1   Sales
    PUR    1   purchases
    SRTN   1   returns form customer
    PRTN  -1   returns to supplier
    using the transaction code, ou know the effect it has on stock through a join multiply the value * effect

    in your case you need to go down that sort of route OR store the +- in your audit value. reading between the lines at present he audit value makes no sense as it doesn't distinguish between + or - values.
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