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    Unanswered: Query references radio buttons on form, nested Iif required?


    I have a form with unbound combo boxes on it which is referenced by a query to filter results ([Forms]![frmSubjectSelect]![cboSubjectSelect1]), which is working fine.

    I have a field named 'Rating', which looks up to a table to choose 'High', 'Medium' or 'Low'. I'd like to put three radio buttons on my form, which when checked and run in the query, will return all the records in rating category - eg 'High' or 'Medium', or 'Low'. This part is working fine.

    However, I'd like to combine two categories in the results. So 'High' AND 'Medium', or 'Medium' AND 'Low'.

    I've tried some nested Iif statements, with 'AND' and 'Or', but am not getting anywhere. Any suggestions most gratefully received.

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    Why not simply use a ComboBox with those and values? Just Concatenate High and Medium and Medium and Low.

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