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    Unanswered: How to build Employee Profile in a single report?

    I have an Employee Table with columns EmplID, FirstName, LastName, Birthdate, Gender, etc

    I have a Position Table with columns PositionID, Title, Level, Description, StartDate, EndDate, etc

    I have an Education Table with columns EmplID, School, StartDate, EndDate

    How do I build a single profile which lists all of his info?

    For example:

    John Doe
    Birth Date: 1980
    Gender: M

    Positions Held:
    1996-2001 XXX Company Programmer
    2001-2005 XXX Company Manager
    2006-2012 XXX Director

    1995-2000 XXX Computer Science
    2001-2003 XXX MBA

    I have been searching and people say build a subreport, but how do I filter it so that only his position shows and only his education shows on load?

    I have a scroll down button on the main form which enables you to select all employees on the drop down.
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    I'd suggest using sub reports linked to the employee by employee id. thats the Access way of doing such things

    you cna use a combo on a form to select a specific employee for the report (then open that report using a filter that sets the employee id, or if all emplkoyees are required then dont set a filter.

    opent he report using the docmd.openreport macro
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