i am working on db2 10 for z/os. i am trying to sync up the tables in one schema to the other schema. Basically the tables are the same and one is QA env and one is dev env. The data in the dev environment is getting refreshed everyday from production. And this data has to be synched in the tables in the QA environment.
And while doing the synchronization, i have few things to consider. I shouldnt delete some records and i shouldnt add some records. And the tables are very huge. So inorder to fetch the difference in data I am using EXCEPT function.
This query is taking too much CPU time. Can I use a join here? which would be better in terms of performance?
And how do i do the exclusions picking the data defined for each table in a configuration table? i will have to do the exclusions in such a way that i dont insert a record if the column has a particular value in the record. the same applies to delete also.