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Thread: date Convesion

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    Unanswered: date Convesion

    I have a requirement where i have to input the date as mm-dd-yyyy.
    Now in database i can fetch the date as yyyy-dd-mm.
    What conversion i have to make to fetch it as mm-dd-yyyy.

    For ex i am feching data as
    select * from table a where date = '2011-05-25'
    Now how sud i do the conversion so that i can enter the date for ex as '05-25-2011'
    I have tried as for ex
    select * from table a where to_char(to_date(date,'yyyy-mm-dd'),'mm-dd-yyyy')= '05-25-2011'
    but it is throwing error.
    Please help.

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    You could try: char (date_column_name, usa)

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