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Thread: VIN Database?

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    Question VIN Database?

    Does anybody have experience using a good VIN Database?

    I just accepted a contract job where I need to help my client normalize data for about 4.5million VINs. They are willing to pay for the data if they have to. The client says these are mostly cars and trucks from the US but there may be some motorcycles and canadian vehicles as well.

    In doing some research I've found there are companies that do "VIN Decoding" which sounds like what I need:

    Chrome Data - Seems to just have web service
    DataOne - Seems to have web service and database
    Polk - Not sure if this is web service, database, based on what their site says

    Are there others? Have any of you used vin decoder data from these companies?


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    How much information does your client have about the VINs?

    Depending on what you or they mean by Normalizing and what level of detail they need to store and Normalize, this ought to be pretty easy.

    If you are looking at third-party data, that should already be Normalized and unless you are willing to undertake a large ETL project for every refresh of their data, then their schema ought to remain unchanged.

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