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    Unanswered: I get 'Mismatch criteria expression' error...

    Hi we need to do a task at school and I have a register page where users can put in their info and from there it INSERT INTO my database. When I run the program and submit the info on the register page I get 'Mismatch criteria expression' error. Here is my code...

    procedure TForm1.btnskepprofielClick(Sender: TObject);
    sskryf, snaam, svan, swag, ssel: string;
    snaam := edtnaam.Text;
    svan := edtvan.Text;
    swag := edtwagwoord.Text;
    ssel := edtselno.Text;

    ADOQRY.Active := false;
    ADOQRY.sql.Text := 'INSERT INTO Gebruikers(Naam,Van,Wagwoord, Selnommer) VALUES ('''+snaam+''', '''+svan+''', '''+swag+''', '''+ssel+''')';
    ADOQRY.sql.Text := 'Select * from Gebruikers';
    ADOQRY.Active := true;

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    That error generally means you are joining 2 fields with different data types.Check you field type(s) and be sure they are the same.

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