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    Unanswered: Help tuning 22gb mysql db

    I'm new, don't much about tuning, and I'm happy you guys are here.

    I've always more or less used mysql's default settings and never had performance issues, so I don't know much about tuning. Our database has for a while just sat and collected data. But now I am trying to run some analytics and make the data useful but mysql is painfully slow and unresponsive.
    Basic inserts, selects, updates, deletes complete in normally under a second. Joins typically take 5 seconds. db normally always has 4 connections 3 of which are local.
    The server is vps at linode with 2gb of ram, this may need to be updated also.
    The my.cnf has not been modified at all. I have an image with phpmyadmin screenshots of the db structure and table structure. I removed names due to some of our contractual obligations.

    What can I do to speed this puppy up? Thanks in advance.
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