hello everyone.

i am confused about the correct/most efficient way to place data in my dababase table when there is a OneToOne relationship.

for example. i have a users table .

i now wish for each user to be able to state his current country location.

i then want to be able to search the datatable for users by current location.

the way that i have done this is to create 3 separate tables. i.e

table one - users : just contains the user information:

PHP Code:
Table two country list: a list of countries and respective Ids for each country

PHP Code:
CREATE TABLE countrylist(
INDEX country_id country_idcountry ), 
INDEX countrylist (countrycountry_id ), 
UNIQUE KEY (country)

Table 3; contains the userId and the countryId he lives in:

PHP Code:
CREATE TABLE user_countrylocation(
country_id VARCHAR(60NOT NULL,
INDEX country_id (country_idid ), 
INDEX user_id (idcountry_id 

Alternatively, should i place the countryId in the users table and completely get rid of the user_countrylocation. i.e in each user column, i will place a country_id for the country he lives in.

The problem is that i have over 20 similar tables as above that give details on users; i.e languages spoken, age-group, nationality etc

My concerns is that if i place this unique information in each users column in the user table, then what would be the most effident way to search the database: that is why i opted for the style above.

so, i really request for some advice on the most efficient/correct way to plan the database.

Thank you in advanced for your advise and assistance.

warm regards

Andreea ar