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    Need help with recursive database design

    I need help with the following recursive design.

    The purpose of the database is to calculate food cost and nutritional information based on my ingredients and their costs and nutritional values.

    The Problem, recipes(sub recipes) that are used in other recipes which is throwing me into a recursive situation I cannot figure out. For example, Beef broth is a receipe that is then used to make brown gravy. Then the brown gravy can be used on several different dinners. A recipe is not always a recipe in the way that you might think of in a kitchen. It can be in the instance of so brown gravy. But in the case of say, beef tips and potatoes dinner, it's actually a combination of sub recipes put together on a plate to get the total cost of the food on the plate.

    Here is a diagram with 4 tables I have drawn up. In this attempt, the ingredients can come from either a recipe OR a grocery, but not both.

    Perhaps there is a way to do this exact thing in Access and I just don't see it, or perhaps my database design is flawed and there is a better way. Either way I need help.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Check out this Data Model


    I have created this Data Model for you and I hope it helps you :-
    Data Model for Recursive Recipes

    Good luck !!!

    Barry in London

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