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    Unanswered: Howt compare fields in Access

    Hi I have a rugby prediction game where users predict each team's score. I want to put that in 2 separate variables for each team. Now when the administrator puts in the real scores with dbnvigator it goes to a table called matches. I want to use a ADOTable for table matches to compare the real score and the variable for each team's score. Can someone help please...

    I think it's something like ADOTable[field name] ...

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    When you say compare, do you mean the get the difference between the two? One field is Prediction and the other Final? How do you want this display, in a form or qry?
    Prediction = DLookUp("[YourFieldName]","YourTableName")
    Final = DLookUp("[YourFieldName]","YourTableName")

    (Prediction & Final of course will be whatever field names you want to use)


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