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    Question Unanswered: Database design - inventory for retail

    Greetings. I have created a small database in Access 2003 to track sales, purchases, etc. for a small one-person business selling stuff at events such as fairs. I have the following tables:
    Companies (I Buy From)

    When I come back from an event, I enter into the database exactly what items and how many of them have sold. A lot of my items are one-of-a-kind, so when I've sold out they're not replaced.

    I want to track when an item has sold out, and would also like some kind of tracking of inventory.

    I've tried a bunch of ways of doing it, but none seems to work. Setting up an Inventory table requires using a lot of fields that are already in other tables.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can provide a screen shot of the Relationships if that would be helpful.

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    Not really! Inventory can be tricky although simply speaking it's a matter of what comes in and what goes out. This site may prove helpful.
    Write down on paper and draw out what you want to happen, make a plan and design if you have not already done so.


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    The web site you directed me to was helpful. Thanks!

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