I'm having a curious back & forth.

My forms open and close by simple called macros.

But I want only certain users to be be able to open a certain form.

I used to be able to do this by referring to the workgroup security settings,
however this feature has been desupported.

Now, I've created a set of userIDs
And I have a dialog which they can input their designated ID.

I've tried referring to the input field of that dialog in the where condition of the opening form.
So it will only open for power users...but it is ignoring the clause.

Ex: [Forms]![frmDialogEnterMenu]![UserID_Input]="0001"

The macro opens the form before it closes the dialog...so it should refer to it.
It inputs in info into an arbitrary field...so I know it's being recognized as a test.

Is there any other syntax that I need to add within the condition?
Or is this a known bug that I'll have to figure a workaround or alternative?