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    Unanswered: Paradox 11: BDE configuration file

    Hi everybody.
    I'm writing to you from Paris (France). I have developped a server-based software based on paradox 11 (release for 10 users and I have got some problems with response time.
    The files of the database are located on the server and shared by the users (private files are on each user's PC). The different modules produce a lot of I/O to bring query files on the private repositery.
    I don't know how to correctly parametrize the Idapi Configuration file to increase this response time. Here are the values I give to the parameters: Drivers Native Paradox: (Version = "4.0", Type = "File", Langdriver = "Paradox intl", Block Size = "32768", Fill Factor = "50", Level = "7", StrictIntegrity = "TRUE")
    System Init (Auto ODBC = "False", LangDriver = "'ascii'ANSI", Local Share = "FALSE", Low Memory Usage Limit = "2097152", Max BufSize = "4194304", Max Files Handles = "2048", Mem Size = "512", Min Buf Size = "65536", Mts Pooling = "FALSE", Shred Memsize = "65536", SYSflags = "0", version = "4.0")
    I should admit that I have put these values sometimes at random. All our PCs are from last generation (RAM = 5Go) with Windows 7.
    Do you have some advice about this configuration ? Do you know where I could find some information about the way to give values to these parameters ?
    Thanks for your help... and sorry for my french english !!

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    other than Local Share = TRUE and an occasional need to change the Shared Memory location, everything else is usally left at the defaults.. all you can do by randomly changing these settings is to HURT the system, not help it..

    as almost every thread here states, please go to the Paradox community site for more help and technical questions..

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