Hey, I'm mike and working for several years with databases (dba / dbo). So far I have only created small tables (< 1,000,000 records). SQL queries are no problems. Now I work on large tables and notice that the search is very slow (eg compare date as text).

I signed up because I'm on the search for good books or articles about databases. I'm looking for closer search method, but I'm not quite sure what i have to look for. I hope someone can help me.
I would like to learn search methods, such as binary search, indexed trees, trees with no index, etc.

I don't know exactly how it runs in the dbms. Is it the DML-Compiler or DDL-Compiler or neither? Which search method is there? I guess in a Autoincremend field, the binary search will be used, right?
I am now seeking a few good search terms or book name. Perfect would be studies on performance comparison of the methods, is there something?

Can you help me? Would be great!

My current problem is how can I create the column to use fast search methods.

Thanks a lot!