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    Unanswered: JDBC Driver on informix se v 5.01 ud3

    Is posible to use JDBC 4.10.JC2DE driver to connect to Informix Standard Engine (SE) version 5.01.UD3, on SCO UNIX version 6.0.0?

    In SCO Server I dont't find enviroment variables like INFORMIXSERVER, INFORMIXSQLHOSTS, ONCONFIG...
    So I don'y know what is the server name that I must use in url conection database:
    jdbc:informixsqli://;user=rdtest;passwor d=test

    Someone know:
    1)Is posible to use JDBC 4.10.JC2DE Driver to connect to Informix Standard Engine (SE) version 5.01.UD3, on SCO UNIX version 6.0.0?

    2)How can I know the server name on a configured Informix Standard Engine (SE) version 5.01.UD3, on SCO UNIX version 6.0.0 installation?


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    JDBC Driver on informix se 5.01

    I would check the release notes that are installed with this version. Currently only IDS versions are supported for 10.00 through 12.10.


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    Hi tonhinbm,

    SE 5.0 has been released before IDS 6.1/7.1 re-architecture of Informix ( Chiefed By Mike Saranga, the father of DB2), to a truely global multithreaded architecture.

    SE was not part of this re-architecture, but the client-server layer has been redesigned at this time, bringing in INFORMIXSERVER and INFORMIXSQLHOSTS new concepts in order to connect to a database server, instead of DBPATH which was the connection method before.

    If you want client-server with Informix SE 5.0, I think you need another product called Informix-NET, which I guess is not more available on the marketplace.

    Why not considering a migration of this very old version either to the last available and supported Informix-SE Version ( 7.25 or 7.26) , or even better to IBM Informix 12.10 ?

    If our data+index is below about 6Gb and you have not more than 80/100 users, you can even consider the free of charge production version Innovator-C Edition.

    Else check for the Express Edition which is a blast and has features you do not even imagine. And of course no more problems with ODBC, JDBC, perl and PHP drivers and cool stuff like this...

    Check here to build an opinion


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