Alright so yesterday I opened a file on one of our other servers (we'll call it 01) and corrected an entry in one of the tables used for a drop down. I have Access 2013 installed on my desktop. 01 doesn't have access installed on it at all. Later in the day after I accessed the file, ALL .accdb files on 01 accessed by anyone (or even pulled over to another desktop and opened) now give the Unrecognized Database Format error and I have been searching all morning for an answer to this issue and none of the answers I've come across have helped (or I can't even do them, such as trying to compact and repair since I get the error if I do that or try to import the data).

What I don't understand is how is it that I modified on file on 01 and then all of the sudden EVERY .accdb file on the server is hit with this error? I have 2013 so even if it was an issue of modifying in a newer version of Access, shouldn't I still be able to open it myself?

Has anyone had this issue in 2013? It's obviously not an error limited to the server because even if I pull the files over to me desktop, I still receive the error. Please, if anyone has any insight into this let me know. I'm pulling my hair out at this point.