I have an excel worksheet (2013 version) with multiple sheets. The first sheet is connected to a database and has many lines of vacation requests formatted with their name in column 1, the date requested off (each day has a separate row) in column 2, the reason for the request in column 3 and the status of the request in column 4. For instance, if someone requested off for 4 consecutive days, there would be four rows in the sheet for it.

I want to have a sheet for each employee (there aren't that many) so I can export as a PDF and each employee gets a report of upcoming vacation days within 6 weeks.

On my first employee's sheet, I created a table with matching columns to that in the first sheet. I'm thinking I need some kind of function that matches the name to a date range (both of these are already calculated in the header of the sheet) and pulls the corresponding rows into the table on that sheet.

What would be the best way to do this? I don't have much experience with macros. Would it be better to do this with access even though the original data is already in excel?