I have a an accde file that I use to distribute to the client.

Some users have tried to circumvent some of the forms that I use by right clicking and closing the form and then exposing the navigation pane to then open the tables directly.

What blocks could I possibly put into place to prevent this behavior. I need the right click menu for filtering on some forms but the it would be nice to exclude the close buttomn and then on that once in a blue moon event the get to close a form - how can I totally prevent the F11 key to expose the navigation pane and then how can I prevent the alt F11 or ctlG to expose the immediate window?

Thank you in advance

I generally do everything in code and over the years have been blessed with users that generally follow direction and therefore just first layer preventions have always served me well. But this batch I have now - they are defiant and I do not want any data mishaps under my watch if i can prevent it.